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25% off pre-blended oil remedies with Venture

We are muscle specialists dealing with the physical and psychological aspects of muscles and how they affect our life using Kinesiology Biochemical Aromatherapy and Psychotherapy tools to ease, relieve pain and help muscles back to health again.

A wide range scented oils and creams to treat all aches, pains and issues. All of the our oils can be found in our shop.


32E Newgate Street



NE61 1BA

Tel: 07809 299389

Please Note: The Venture card discount is for 25% off pre-blended oil remedies, 7 days a week. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Healthy Therapies vouchers or deals and offers. There is no need to book ahead, but do mention when being served that you intend to use your Venture card, to use your Venture card online, please obtain your Venture discount code. Venture card discounts cannot be added together with multiple cards (e.g. two Venture cards is still 25% discount on oil remedies).


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